Friday, November 1, 2013

Zoya Trick or Treat Contest Winners!

Trick or Treat Contest Winners

We hope you had a fang-tastic Halloween! As promised, we are announcing 13 winners chosen at random for the Zoya Trick-Or-Treat Twitter Contest! Entries had to be made via the Zoya Nail Polish Twitter page and use #ZoyaTrickOrTreat with a photo of your Zoya Halloween-themed manis, your favorite candy, pumpkins or anything else creative using Zoya! We received over 100 entries, everyone got so creative!

What they won: One treat (color of their choice) and a SPOOKTASTIC bonus prize!

Winners, please DM us on Twitter with your shipping information and your color choice so you can receive your prize!

So without further adieu; congrats to the following 13 ladies in no particular order:

@heybaby420 (we loved both pics submitted so we featured them both on here)

one treat (one color of their choice) PLUS a spooktastic bonus prize! - See more at:
one treat (one color of their choice) PLUS a spooktastic bonus prize! - See more at:

Zoya Fairy T's & F's...

Deep Thoughts by a Zoya Fairy

First off let us introduce to you "T's & F's". From now on we will be posting random thoughts and feelings (hence "T's & F's") of a Zoya Fairy. So without further adieu today's T's & F's...

Zoya Nail Polish in Darcy - looks like an egg huh?
We need it, we crave it and unfortunately there's never enough time for it. Bacon (turkey version optional), eggs with a side of pancakes and maple syrup drizzled/poured over all of it, sausage, hash-browns and a big glass of orange juice to wash it all down...whoa okay *wipe drool from mouth*. Unfortunately like many of you, the Fairies have been grabbing their measly on-the-fly breakfasts that consist of a frozen bagel, a yogurt or oatmeal. After all, you need time to polish your nails (priorities ladies).

Earlier this week one of our Twitter followers tagged us in a BuzzFeed post about breakfast tacos. As I read the post the growls in my tummy got louder and louder. As I looked around the office I realized that it was 9:55am and all the Fairies had the same look in their eyes: HUNGER!! We simultaneously attacked the office stash of M&M's and started planning our lunch!

Sound familiar????

So we will leave you with today's T's & F's about breakfast: What you are having, what's your favorite breakfast and when are you bringing us some????????? (we get here at 9am EST k? thanks).

That is all. Nothing else. 



Zoya Nail Polish in Verily Magazine

Zoya Nail Polish in Blair Makes Verily's Top 5 List


The cold weather is upon us so get RED-Y. Verily Magazine has listed their top beauty products for the winter season. Making the list is Zoya Nail Polish in Blair! Love the look? Find beautiful Zoya red nail polish colors here.

"Shades of red are festive and fun this time of year, and Zoya Nail Polish in Blair - a cool red shade, shot through with a metallic sheen - is no exception." Verily Magazine


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zoya Nail Polish: Halloween Promotion - Welcome to Zoya Manor

Welcome to Zoya Manor

A haunted house unlike any other...

Trick or Treat at our house NOW!
...TODAY ONLY...(10/31/2013 - thru 11:59 PM ET)
Sign in to Trick or Treat with Zoya Nail Polish on
Zoya Manor - The house of Zoya Nail Polish


Zoya Nail Polish on TV: New Day Cleveland - Fall Nail Looks

Zoya Nail Polish on New Day Cleveland

New Day Cleveland (Fox8 - Cleveland) - TV Show co-host, Natalie Herbick, enjoys a bit of beauty chit chat time related to Fall Nail Polish Trends with Zoya Color Developer, Rebecca Isa

"Fall is about a return to classics... Color gem stones is a huge trend for fall and what we see here is a combination of our (Zoya) PixieDust formula which is a huge hit and then translated into tones of gems for fall with emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and diamond." said Isa, who was wearing a textured, champagne diamond shade of Zoya PixieDust called Tomoko.

Giovanna by Zoya Nail Polish
Zoya Cashmeres, Satins and PixieDust collections feature beautiful shades, some of which were originally custom created for top designers during New York Fashion Week such as Peter Som and Zang Toi. In the spot, Isa showcases the range of gem-stone colors that are popular this Fall season, including Zoya Nail Polish in Giovanna, a stunning emerald green nail polish that is the "IT color" right for nails right now. 

Also discussed on the show - The secret to keeping nail polish on (AKA - The Zoya Color Lock System). Here Isa provides a few easy to follow steps to extend polish wear. "Everyone wants to know how to keep your manicure... more than just a few days and the key is the system you use. A good base coat, a good top coat, a polish remover that will also prep your nail and clean your nail plate. All of that will keep your manicure beautiful for a full seven days."

New Day Cleveland TV SPOT aired on 10/30/13, promotional code provided has now expired.


Zoya Nail Polish in Nail It! Magazine

Dress Up Your Nails!

Are you going as "Carrie" this Halloween? Don't worry your nails don't have to be a horror story!  Zoya has the perfect blood-red hue, meet Zoya Nail Polish in Carrrie Ann.

Going as a "Sailor"? Then try Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor obvi! This classic deep navy color is the perfect shade to tie in your nautical look.

Nail It! Magazine has a list of nail polishes to match your Halloween costume. Two of your favorite nail lacquers have made the list, Zoya Nail Polish in Carrie Ann and Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor

"Zoya Nail Polish in Carrie Ann is a rich scarlet shade highlighted with fold and pink-red metallic glitter - the perfect, flashy, blood-red hue for your costume." Nail It! Magazine

So no matter what your costume may be this Halloween, Zoya Nail Polish has your nails covered!

To read more from the article click here. Find more inspiring colors for your costume at


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Hues - Zombie Beauty Tips from Zoya Nail Polish...

Undead? Maybe…
Unpolished? NEVER!

Looking beautiful can be a challenge for the undead and Zoya understands. Zoya’s Big5Free* colors and nail treatments are free of the potentially harmful ingredients that can wreak havoc on fragile Zombie skin and nails.

The long-wearing Zoya formula is guaranteed to wear even in the harshest of conditions faced by today's modern Zombie girl, and with over 300 colors, Zoya has a color to suit every unique Zombie skin tone.

*Big5Free – formula is completely free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor.

Zoya is the color of the Undead!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Zoya Flynn named best nude nail polish by More Magazine!

More Magazine Fall Readers Choice Awards!

The More Magazine "Opinonista Reader Panel" Road tested over 500 beauty products to arrive at the best of the best in the October 2013 issue.

Under the Trends Category, Zoya Nail Polish in Flynn took top honors as the Nude Nail Polish Look to try.

"This particular lacquer (Zoya Flynn) was embraced because it flattered many skin tones and was versatile."
- More Magazine 


Zoya Nail Polish Founder named Natural Health Hero!

Zoya Reyzis (Zoya Nail Polish* founder) named a Natural Health Hero.

- Excerpt from...
How Zoya Reyzis Brought Natural Beauty to Women in Brilliant Color
In 1984, Zoya and Michael Reyzis were expecting a baby. This created a bit of a concern for Zoya who was working as an aesthetician. That’s because the harsh chemicals used in nail polishes, removers and other common cosmetics could cause birth defects.

Zoya realized that this wasn’t only a problem for her – but for the many women who were pregnant and still wanted attractive, colorful nails. She questioned why nail polishes had to be made with these chemicals.

Those chemicals include toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde – which are sometimes referred to as “the toxic trio.”  The FDA has stated that toluene may cause birth defects and development issues in children. Studies of dibutyl phthalate or DBP has also been linked to birth defects in animals, and formaldehyde is considered a carcinogen.
Nail polish and removers can also contain methyl methacrylate and acetonitrile, a chemical that breaks down into potentially poisonous cyanide if ingested in the human body.

It’s no wonder those things were such a major concern for an expectant mother who worked around these chemicals all day long.
Fortunately, Zoya had someone quite knowledgeable at her disposal. Michael Reyzis just happens to be a brilliant chemist. So Zoya asked her husband to start creating nail polishes that were safer to use.

It turned out that Michael had a talent for developing these products. Working in a lab built in the basement of their home, Michael started bringing Zoya’s ideas to life. Together the couple formed a dream-team developing a host of cosmetics using less dangerous ingredients and more natural alternatives.
 - Kasey Steinbrinck,
_ _ _

See the entire Natural Health Heroes article featuring Zoya Reyzis here.

*Zoya is Big5Free! - Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments are completely free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and camphor


Zoya Nail Polish Fall Collection

Zoya Cashmeres and Satins Collection - Fall 2013

Fall is here! Don't let the snow fool you if you're in the Midwest, take the time to enjoy the delicious Zoya Cashmeres and Satins Collection for Fall 2013.

Thanks to beauty blogger Sassy Shelly we can enjoy her review and swatches for Zoya Nail Polish Cashmeres and Satins Collection

"This color is truly mesmerizing! The shimmer gives it so much depth, I could stare at it forever." - Sassy Shelly says of Zoya Nail Polish in Mason

With six new long-wearing decadent, cashmere creams - five silky, satin metallics - one super luxe gold topper - it's no wonder Sassy Shelly is cannot choose a favorite!